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Training and exercising

Preparation and assurance

Tall Mountain

With our established background in operational risk management across many sectors at senior level we can help you assess your individual and organisational learning requirements and help you develop a range of approaches to meet them.


We will bring our experience in training senior colleagues dealing with risk at the highest levels globally to help you develop people across your organisation.   


To embed capability and identify organisational learning, we will use the experience we have in delivering tailored exercising.  We will work with you to develop exercises through various delivery methods to provide assurance to you that your organisation and your people are ready for what they might have to face. 

Case Studies

We deliver a comprehensive programme of strategic and tactical risk and crisis management training both to UK clients and senior people from across Europe and the Middle East.  We are working in Africa and with Crown Dependencies to understand what they need in the areas of training and exercising. 


Through our network, we deliver training across several UK police organisations, both civilian and military for senior people who manage risk on a daily basis. 


We played a leading role in developing and delivering one of the largest pan-country government exercises in recent years.  This involved working with hundreds of stakeholders to ensure the exercise was relevant and met the country’s needs.


We have designed and delivered short, focused, bespoke exercises and workshops for organisations who have a specific need to provide assurance or assess capability.  We have experience in public safety, large events, firearms, CT, multi-agency operations and exercising. 

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