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Developing Organisations

Advisory and Consultancy


Our advisory work is all about helping your organisation be the best it can be.  We will draw on years of experience in assessing organisations and delivering organisational improvement.  Through our established advisory approach, we will work with you to identify improvements you can make.  We will provide an objective assessment, spending time with key staff and stakeholders, analysing data and understanding culture and context to ensure a rich appreciation of your organisation.  We will identify issues and risks affecting your ability to deliver to the highest possible levels.  We will provide supportive and meaningful observations and proposals, ensuring that you have the right frameworks and expertise to implement them.   

Case Studies

We helped a large multinational organisation to improve its approach to risk and security, operating in some of the most dangerous and challenging parts of the world.  We worked with C-Suite colleagues to define the requirement, focusing on its Pakistan operation.  Over a period of 3 months, we spent time in country, meeting staff and international stakeholders to ensure the product we delivered was meaningful and bespoke to the organisation, its strategy, culture and operating environment.  We have stayed in touch and are pleased that the observations made have resulted in significant changes to help keep people and the organisation safe and productive. 


We are currently working across UK policing with academics and stakeholders to analyse and make supportive observations on how investigations of the highest complexity and risk are led and managed.  This has involved collecting and analysing data, meeting key staff and senior stakeholders, providing detailed reports and helping track through improvements.  This work is delivering improvements across the country. 


Our direct experience includes leading highly complex and high-risk operational activity including protecting very high profile VIPs from across the world and those at direct threat from state actors.  We have led large, complex events for over 120,000 people and involving close protection and CT elements. 

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