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Crisis management, investigations and intelligence.

Assessing risks and dealing with them effectively

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We have decades of experience in leading some of the most complex and high-risk crises and investigations.  We have developed intelligence approaches to ensure the best possible information is available to decision makers.  We can advise on your current approaches to crisis management and investigation, provide an objective assessment of your work or work on your behalf.  We pride ourselves on discretion and can help you to ensure you get to the heart of the problem. 

Case Studies

We have led single organisations and organisational partnerships through challenging and sustained crisis situations, so understand the reality of crisis management.  We have experience across CT, serious and organised crime, economic crime, cyber and insider threat. 

We led the restructure of two police organisations' approach to crime investigation and intelligence, delivering changes to culture, process and structure which led to significant improvements across a workforce of 10,000. 


We have investigated high profile figures and led highly sensitive investigations, often where life and personal safety is at risk. 

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