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Dave Miller

Director and Founder

Dave founded fifty-first consulting Ltd, he works with a carefully selected network of experts specialising in helping individuals and organisations improve their approach to leadership, resilience and risk.  He has worked across UK and international government departments at senior level and with corporate clients in some of the more challenging parts of the world.


He coaches and selects senior leaders and works with organisations to self-assess and improve their ability to address strategic challenges.


He has led many agencies in partnership through some of the biggest challenges the UK has faced in recent years. He brings a wealth of experience as a chief police officer holding Gold roles for over 14 years, with experience across a wide range of disciplines.


He is a qualified and experienced executive coach, has a master’s degree in leadership and management and is Fellow of two internationally renowned leadership trusts.

We work with

We have experience working across public and private sector organisations globally.

Corporate clients

Private sector organisations dealing with risk


UK government departments and public sector partners


Governments and organisations across the world

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