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Transition from policing to the outside world

Dave planned for and transitioned from policing to a successful portfolio career and wants to share that experience to help others. He is personally very aware of the challenges of transitioning to the outside world after a career in policing and can assist you, whatever your rank, role or background.


He offers this as a one-to-one service as he believes that each person's journey and requirements are special to them.

What to expect...

The package commences with a scoping coaching session, where he will guide you through defining what it is you want from the next stage in your professional life.  He will then work with you to support and advise on such areas as:


CV and biography design and writing

He will advise and support you in devising CVs for the career move you want to make and identifying the plethora of transferable skills you have.



He will coach and support you through what can be an emotional and disorientating period in your life to ensure you get the absolute best from it.


Job searching

He will advise and coach you on things that will help you network with the right people, advising on Linkedin profiles and registering with the right agencies.


Financial planning

He will sign post you to some of the best financial advisors for people in your position and suggest questions you may wish to be answered.


Setting up your own business

Having done this successfully himself, Dave can get you off on the right foot if you feel you would like to become self employed and help you identify what support you may need and how to go about it.


Creating your own website

Dave believes that a website should be an extension of who you are, what you do and be a 'shop window' for what you offer.  He can help you create a simple website and sign post you, should you wish something more complex.

Dave advises people from all policing backgrounds and can help you get over your fears, misgivings and confusion to having a highly successful next career.  Whether that be another highly responsible role, having your own business, earning more money or working part time and spending the rest of your time doing what you love.

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