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Ethical Leadership in Today’s Challenging World

How to inspire and develop others whilst remaining true to your values

A residential course examining the practical application of leadership and coaching delegates’ growth as leaders.


A 2-day course for people in, or aspiring to, positions of authority, examining different levels and styles of leadership and how they might be effectively applied to obtain the best outcomes. We will explore how it is perfectly reasonable, even advantageous, to incorporate different leadership styles according to the requirements of situation, task and team along with organisation need. The course will facilitate discussion with likeminded professionals. Delegates will be provided with bespoke personal profiles and a post course 1-2-1 coaching session to assist their growth as leaders.

There will be an evening session on Day 1, focusing on the importance of your own wellbeing and resilience as a leader in a challenging world.


The course will assist delegates in understanding what leadership entails and to recognise how good leaders can transform individuals, teams and organisations through the use of compassionate and ethical governance to deliver great results. It will develop awareness and understanding of different leadership styles and how they can be effectively employed daily, in real life situations. In particular there will be focus on the needs of the team, the organisation and yourself as an ever-evolving leader.

Learning Outcomes The course will give you the tools to:

  • Understand the key elements of the most recognised styles of leadership.

  • Consider the responsibilities you have a leader.

  • Recognise that leadership styles can be interchangeable according to situation.

  • Be aware of the need to constantly reflect on performance and build upon your

    experiences as a leader.

  • Learn from examples of leadership that highlight some of the key attributes of

    developing a team / workforce and delivering the best possible outcomes.

  • Identify simple opportunities to demonstrate effective leadership.

  • Aspire to a leadership style that is ethical and compassionate.

  • Identify where you are on your leadership journey and how you can continue to grow.

To register your interest or find out more follow the QR code or contact me directly, I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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